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Emerald Labyrinth may not carry all these subjects at the same time.

Literary fiction

Fantasy, horror, thriller, romance, adventure, action, and western.

Natural Sciences

Self-sufficiency, farming, plants, outdoor adventures, weather, wildlife, nature, ecology, biology, zoology, botany, and space.


Memoirs, historical fiction, myths, folklore, and culture.


Poetry, religion, and studies.


Photography, pottery, metal works, jewelry making, instrument making, glass works, wood works, stone curving and traditional arts.

“There is no better insurance than the knowledge of how to do something
the right way.”

-Jerry G. West

A Tea and Coffee Bookhouse

Emerald Labyrinth’s online bookstore is only the beginning of this journey. Soon caverns will be carved, and a labyrinth of books will be in the making, creating an exceptional tea and coffee bookhouse.

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Through Emerald Labyrinth’s community, I have heard many inspiring tales of how books have changed people’s lives. Whether on Tumblr or Twitter, our community is a place where you can discuss all things relating to books. Your favorite books, memories, plots, and recommendations are all welcome. Having fun discussions on books and sharing our journeys is part of what makes Emerald Labyrinth the place that it is.

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