Emerald Labyrinth

A place where dreams are born, where wisdom is welcome, and where acquiring knowledge is enjoyable.

Stories inspire millions to build stronger morals and ignite new dreams. Non-fiction has stayed by our side as wise mentors to the curious and enduring guides through all our struggles. Emerald Labyrinth is creating a community where like-minded people can enjoy each other’s company while exploring our interests through a collection of quality books. Whether that’s rediscovering tales of our forefathers, learning to make a secret garden, or reading the whimsical tale of a fish.

About Me

Hello, my name is Briana. Watching as the world shifts and bends I wonder why the owls sing, always finding myself curious and hungry for knowledge. I’ve tried to walk many different paths, searching for the right career. None were mine and failure followed soon after. I became fearful that I lacked true passion for anything. Finding myself desperately wishing for advice. I found myself wishing for a mentor with a thousand eyes to have the sight to answer all my questions. It may have all come from that wish, although it sounds like a fantasy. These thoughts lingered until I suddenly realized, that this desire could very well be made into reality. If a good book is one of the greatest mentors, then a bookstore designed for this purpose might just be an emerald labyrinth.

What's Coming in 2024?

Along with the joyous grand opening of the online store! Will come the birth of Emerald Labyrinth’s very own Youtube channel featuring interviews with other bookstores, tea rooms, and coffee shops. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest news and to follow along with the community on Tumblr and Twitter.


Most frequent questions and answers

While not possible to be so completely, whenever possible materials are upgraded to be not only more sustainable but also to be sourced from other independent businesses.

All books over thirty dollars are specially packed to make ensure that the book arrives in the condition as mentioned. The packaging may very depending on the book’s size and condition.

You may cancel or change an address if done so before shipment, if this is the case please send me a message and I will cancel or correct it for you.

One is only eligible for a refund if the book is destroyed upon delivery and that the book is above $25. All refunds must be requested within 24hrs of delivery. Please visit the Refund Policy page for more information.

Questions or Ideas?

Do you think you know some titles that I may enjoy? Or have a topic you want me to blog or make a video about? Feel free to send me a message through one of my social medias or by sending me a message through the forum below.