The New Musicorum

Witness this small silent world within my own. Here within this kingdom of my own making my tiny citizens dwell. Sonata, a fish as intelligent as any feline. Ballad, a wizardly snail fond of adventure. Harmony, a tiny school of fish brightly lighting the way like sparks of fire in the dead of night. And Jazz, the shrimp who dance endlessly throughout all their lives. Even though they are so small, each of their lives echo in me. They show me their world, something so easily disregarded or slid by with out a single thought given. Now it seems our adventure will go to the next stage, thanks to a generous friend, Emerald Labyrinth now has a 30-gallon aquarium.

After some discussion with the community, a serene lake bottom became my inspiration.

With this new space came ideas for new residents came

and so came Bell. She’s an odd spiny little creature with a delicate-looking beauty. If you watch her closely, you might see her tip her head up and lift her fins just before flying off like a spaceship to some other place.

Vibrato is a fun wiggly creature, striking terror into all who try to eat his food. He came with Bell and likes to dig holes, everyone enjoys exploring them until they realize, he is also in the hole.

In the next group of new comers we have Melody. They are not particularly intelligent. However, their silly antics can be appreciated by all in the tank and give the others a kind of comfort. 

Last but not least is Staccato, with an intelligence that rivals Sonata’s. He loves to explore the tank, and watches everyone very, closely. Sonata remains the lord of this kingdom though and Staccato has no never had any issues with this.

The Musicorum has never been so stunning. Every passerby can hardly resist taking a peek at it. You might be curious as to where the Musicorum’s place is in Emerald Labyrinth and what is to become of it. Truth be told, my life has been changing like spring wind. You will likely only be seeing more of the Musicorum though! As I have some ideas involving the Musicorum for YouTube. Tumblr and Twitter will still receive the most direct updates and pictures on the Musicorum. So if you like the Musicorum, I would highly recommend checking them out. You can find Emerald Labyrinth’s social links below. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see in the future, feel free to leave a comment or fill out a contact form on

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