The Weight of words

The Weight of Words

Is a textbook a most unpleasant lullaby for you? The weight of words or rather how dense the information is. Will play a significant role

Symphony for the city of the dead

Symphony for the City of the Dead

“What was the human animal in the midst of the siege? An herbivore that crawled on all fours, browsing on dirty grasses. A predator that

The New Musicorum

Witness this small silent world within my own. Here within this kingdom of my own making my tiny citizens dwell. Sonata, a fish as intelligent

A book called the Flow by Mihaly

Flow by Mihaly

Flow by Mihaly Seeing the echoes of light dance on a sunflower’s petal. Feeds the soul that feels in every moment. Going back to the

Rosemary's Baby book by Ira Levin

Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary’s Baby Haunting, whispering, dancing through the darkening halls of insanity. Can you say what is true and are you sure enough to risk it

A Betta named Sonata, one of Emerald Labyrinth fish

The Musicorum

The Musicorum Aquarium Taking the stars into my hands, I start another new day. The rhythmic twinkling of dripping water is my lullaby and the

Assessing Books

Have you fallen for the scent of ancient books? With its pages read by those who are now gone. It’s a tale not of what