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A Squeal to Heaven-high and Hell-Deep. A Widowed mountain girl copes with running her farm, getting another husband, and having children. Above all, she strive stop protect her mountain from land speculators.
His hat was pulled low over his black hair and his shirt sleeves were rolled up almost to his elbows. His hands appeared strong and in control as he held the reins of his high stepping horse. He looked a little thinner than he used to be and a lot more tired. “What’s wrong?” He asked me fast. “You’ve got to go back to Banners Elk,” I told him, forgetting about supper. His eyes widened with concern. “Should you ride? I can deliver the baby here.” “It’s not he baby, it’s the preacher. You’ve got to bring him back here.” “The Preacher?” “I want us to get married right now.” Jonas was completely silent for a full two minutes. His blue eyes were looking at my face as though there were written words for him to read. “All right,” he finally said as though he had made a difficult decision. “I can do that, but it would be faster if I put you in front of me and we went to the preachers house together.”


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