Columbus and the World Around Him


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1992 marks the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s first voyage to America. An unparalleled historic event tiwth far-reaching effects, that fateful voyage:
  • Enormously expanded the horizons of Europe’s world
  • Marked the end of medievalism
  • Reshaped the minds of people everywhere as the Old World clashed with the new
  • Set in motion unending cultural and political conflicts as European rivalries were transferred to America
  • Began a vast colonial enterprise, exploiting people and resources, nearly annihilating Indians, and enslaving Africans
  • Influences life today in ways still not fully explored or understood
An Italian adventurer set out in 1492 with three Spanish ships to chart a new route west to the riches of the Orient. After ten weeks at sea he finally landed on what he believed to be an offshore island of the Indies or Japan. We all know that Columbus was mistaken. But what mistake has ever had so radical an impact upon the whole world? The story of that fateful landing in America and its meaning for the peoples of the Old and New Worlds is the subject of this new biography by Milton Meltzer. Departing from the familiar legend of Columbus as a heroic explorer, Meltzer draws upon the journal kept by the sailor on his first voyage and other contemporary records to provide a fresh portrait of the man and his exploits that is at once fascinating and disturbing.


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