Decorative Woodworking Joints


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The comprehensive and precise instructions for each type of joint, together with the superb working diagrams and photographs of the finished products, combine to make this an invaluable source of reference for all woodworkers.
John Bairstow has collected together a large number of practical and decorative joints, including many unusual and intricate designs. He covers framed and carcase joints as well as several splicing joints which, although rare, will be of interest to the woodworker because of their intricacy. Even where exposed jints were used in the past, the interest was often concentrated solely along the corners, and the author here suggests ways in which the decorative joint can be reflected in the overall form of the furniture by using contrasting timber and unusual inserts. A final chapter covers miscellaneous jins, such as those allowing for the expansion and contraction of timber, and edge-jointing.


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