Eleanor’s Story


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The memoir of Eleanor Ramrath Garner’s youth as an American caught in World War II Germany.
During the Great Depression, when she is nine, Eleanor’s family moves from America to Germany, where her father has offered a good job. But the war breaks out as her family is crossing the Atlantic, and they cannot return. Eleanor struggles to keep her American identity despite the turbulence and upheaval around her. She fervently hopes for an Allied victory, yet for years must try to survive under the Allied bombs shattering her neighborhood. Her family faces separations, threats from the Gestapo, bombings, starvation, the final fierce battle for Berlin, and the terrors of Soviet occupancy. This compelling story immerses us in the daily struggles of surviving World War II in Germany. It puts a human face on the horrors of war and reminds us that each casualty of war is a person, not a number.


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