Forgotten Household Crafts


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Hundreds of beautiful drawings and paintings and many old photographs make this book a treasury for those who appreciate the past. But the book is something more – a highly accurate and authoritative compendium of information that has in many cases escaped the attention of social historians. Whether you want to know what a cob loaf is, or how to salt a pig, or the difference between applejack and Calvados, you will find Forgotten Household Crafts an instructive delight.
How we lived at home before the machine age: how we cared for and warmed our homes, cooked and preserved food, washed and ironed our clothes, gardened, kept bees, and made cheese…how, in short, we did our daily domestic work – this is the fascinating subject of Forgotten Household Crafts. Here is an evocation and celebration of objects, skills and techniques that were commonplace not so many years ago and that are now gradually becoming lost. With the same knowledge and attention to detail, he demonstrated in his illustrated survey of traditional country arts, That Forgotten Crafts, John Seymour now takes us on a wonderfully nostalgic tour of our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ homes to show us:

The Kitchen Crafts –

From cooking and raising vegetables and livestock to brewing, dishwashing and gardening.

Dairy Crafts –

From milking to making butter and ice cream

The Landry –

Everything needed to keep our linens clean, from hauling water to ironing and starching

Textile and Decorative Crafts –

from sewing, quilting, weaving, rug making, stenciling, papering, and painting to decorating for special occasions, and more


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