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In 1979 Jonathan Raban’s brilliantly praised Arabia was hailed as a classic of travel literature. The New York Times Book Review called it “one of the most delightful traveler’s tales of the last 30 years,”
The voyage began in September of 1979. But for Raban, it had really begun as a marvelous dream thirty years before the first time he read Hickle-Berry Finn. “The book and the journey would be all of a piece,” The book and the journey would be written by the current of the river itself. It would carry one into long deep pools of solitude, and into brushes with society on the shore….Everything would be left to chance. There would be no advance reservation, no letters of introduction. One would try to be as much like a piece of driftwood as one could manage. cast off, let the Mississippi take hold, and trust to whatever adventures or longueurs the river might throw one’s way. It was a journey that would be full of randomness, and haphazard, but it would also have the controlled, insistent purpose of the river current as it drove southward and seaward to the Gulf of Mexico.”


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