Rattle Snake


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With rattling alarms at one end and venomous fangs at the other, rattlesnakes are among nature’s most geared and mysterious creatures. Although fewer than a dozen people in the United States die of snakebites each year, human misunderstanding has led to exaggerated tales of rattlesnake ferocity and wholesale destruction that has depleted the population of many species.
Illustrated with more than 250 dramatic original color photographs depicting not only fangs and rattle but also intricate patterns and extraordinary camouflage, Rattlesnake traces the evolution and behavior of the more than eighty living species and subspecies of rattlesnakes from East Coast timber rattlesnakes to California’s desert-dwelling sidewinders to South America’s neotropical species. Explaining the functions of anatomical characteristics such as heat-sensitive facial pits, Manny Rubio also describes rattlesnakes’ diverse habitats, feeding strategies, reproductive cycles, and seasonal hibernation patterns. The author discusses human interaction with rattlesnakes, explaining the snakes’ religions, their history as a symbol of predatory power, their fate at the hands of roundup hunters, and the commercial uses to which their skins, venom, and meat are put. Emphasizing rattlesnakes’ reticence and their importance in controlling small-rodent populations, he calls for more widespread efforts to conserve them. Drawing on recent research and replete with never-before-published photographs, Rattlesnake is a landmark guide for both professional and amateur herpetologists, as well as a fascinating introduction to the most maligned reptile of the Americas.  


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