The Book of Life


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The Book of Life is a uniquely ambitious combination of art and science. Presented here is the story of life on Earth, a compelling drama of survival and extinction spanning over 600 million years. The text, under the general editorship of best-selling author Stephen Jay Gould, offers a thorough tour of the best research on evolution; the story is brilliantly illuminated throughout with paintings and line drawings. Never before have the varied forms of the past been so lavishly or so fully depicted – many for the first time.
As the narrative unfolds, we learn about changes on the planet’s surface and in its atmosphere: the role of climate, land movements, and plant life. We discover the chains of survival that link species, how animals adapted to the food available, the causes and consequences of mass extinctions, and finally the impact of creatures, especially humans, on the environment. Throughout The Book of Life we meet the dedicated scientists and gifted amateurs ho have found, puzzled over, and interpreted the evidence of evolution all over the world. In his opening chapter, Stephen Jay Gould offers us a look into ourselves, a species unwilling to abandon its own centrality as the ordering principle of life’s history. Drawing out a history of the iconography of nature, Gould reveals the curious biases of the human view of the natural world. The Book of Life builds a bridge of knowledge, bringing the frontiers of science and what we know of life’s history to all of us who wish to come closer to our beginnings and know more of who we are.


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