The Cowboy’s Caravan


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The Caravan glided down the runway and took off. The plane slowly gained altitude as if it were in slow motion. Patti Valley, standing on the ground, noticed the lift-off took longer than usual. She watched the long, slow ascent until the plane disappeared over the trees. Paul Sieli was getting ready to take four jumpers up in a Cessna 182. Patti quickly asked him to try to spot the Caravan somewhere on the ground. Returning to the field a few minutes later, he told her that had spotted it,  crashed in a field in behind a farmhouse. Patti went to the clubhouse phone to call for help. Paul flew back to the site with several jumpers, and dropped them over the wreckage. They found the Caravan upside down, nosed into the ground. The tail was bent back over the top of the wreckage. The impact had thrown all the skydivers to the front, crushing them together in a tangled pile. Cowboy, the jumpmaster, who had been sitting by the door in the rear lay on top. His hold chain still hung around his neck and his Seiko watch was still running. Twenty feet away, his helmet lay in the grass. To the horror of the rescuers, everyone was dead.


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Robert L. Williams