The Inspirational Writings of Charles Swindoll


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Living on the Ragged Edge Living above the Level of Mediocrity Internationally known author and lecturer Charles Swindoll, “America’s formost applicator of scripture to daily life,” challenges you not only to enjoy the chaotic nature of modern life, but to soar above the ordinary and strive for the best in this collection of two of his bestselling works
In a world where success is measured by money, where “he who has the most toys wins,” where anxiety, pressure, ulcers and stress are as common as gray flannel suits, Charles Swindoll brings some good news: you can find joy, peace and happiness in the struggle! In Living on the Ragged Edge, Swindoll shows how to enjoy life- day living. Learn how to survive the rat race; how to be “bullish”; how to find wisdom; how to make the most of old age – essentially, find out how to stop existing and start living. Proceeding to the next step, Living Above the Level of Mediocrity encourages the commitment to excellence that should follow, as Swindoll boldly tackles the difficult problems of self-discipline, laziness and deserve. Resist mediocrity by thinking clearly (making a mental commitment,) living differently (determining priorities,) fighting “blahs,” and standing courageously when faced with disagreement or temptation. It is never to late do what is right. This motivational collection proves that moral, personal, and ethical excellence is worth whatever it costs. “pay the price,” Swindoll says “Start today! You are made for one great purpose – soaring! Nothing less will ever satisfy you or glorify God.”


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