The Third Marine Division


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To the men of the Third Marine Division

living and Dead

whose deeds have been inscribed in the history

of the Marine Corps and of the nation

The history of the Third Marine Division was made possible by the Commandant, who authorized the expenditure of the Division’s unused Post Exchange funds for the purpose of giving free to each man who served with the Division a permanent record of the achievements of his unit. The story is taken almost exclusively from unit journals, war diaries and Division Special Action Reports. Photographs are from the Division of Public Information, Headquarters, Marine Corps. The work of compiling the text was supervised by Lt. Col. Ellsworth N. Murray, and the final draft was approved by a group of Third Division officers including the Commanding Generals. Acknowledgment is made to the Historical Section, Headquarters, Marine Corps, and to the Staff of the Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, Virginia, for their assistance in the preparation of this history. Unless otherwise credited, all photographs in this history are from official Marine Corps sources.


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First Lieutenant Robert A. Arthur, USMCR
First Lieutenant Kenneth Cohlmia, USMCR
Lieutenant Colonel Robert T. Vance, USMC

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