Weather Wisdom


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  • Sick of getting rained on (or snowed on, hailed on, or even hurricaned on) when the weatherman predicting fair skies ahead?
  • For a change, would you like to know when to carry your umbrella and smile smugly when all around you are getting drenched? It’s all spelled out for you here in this handy almanac: all the natural indicators of the weather – from the cows lying in the field, to the shapes of the clouds, to the pain in Grandpa’s game leg- and why they are so accurate. The folklore of weather in America is vast, handed down from the early settlers, the farmers, the sailors, the Indians, and the pioneers – and Weather Wisdom explains how this folk wisdom developed and what the facts are behind it. Alber Lee shows why sheep scatter in fair weather, why old bones and bunions act up before a storm, and why it never (well, hardly ever) rains on Yom Kippur. Mr. Lee discusses the responses of plants to approaching weather turnabouts, insect activity, bird indicators, animal reactions, and even fish (which do bite more before wet weather). He even discusses the sky signs, and how weather can be forecast by studying the appearances of the sun, the moon, the clouds, and the stars. Illustrated with more than two dozen original chats and line drawings, Weather Wisdom is a wise and practical guide to natural weather prediction and the great folk heritage of rural America.


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