Symphony for the City of the Dead

Symphony for the city of the dead
“What was the human animal in the midst of the siege? An herbivore that crawled on all fours, browsing on dirty grasses. A predator that hunted alone or in packs. A social animal that spoke of noble art and wound violin strings from the guts of dead sheep and pigs. A creature with canine teeth for tearing, but with a tongue for speaking. A mouth that could devour or sing.”
Symphony for the City of the Dead

This book has moved me, inspiring a bewildering awe. All the things we do not know, all the things we do not truly behold. Dmitri Shostakovich if what I have read of him is true, is an admirable individual. He is a composer who lived through the Russian Revolution, Lenin’s Reign, Stalin’s Great Reign of Terror, and World War II. Mr. Anderson has put so much time and effort into making this book, that much is clear. He delicately monitors his flow of information to be entertaining but not overflowing. It reads with such fluidity it could be mistaken for fiction.

Above all else, this story taught me that all gifts can save lives and are priceless. No matter if you choose to be a housewife, a potter, or an astrologist. You can change the world.

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